When all started...


I have worked as a Dramaturg Assistant in YLE broadcasting company and Head Writer in Kyy Games, but also as Content Writer and Content Editor for several companies. To see more just jump into my LinkedIn page.

I am a creative writer from Finland with over 20 years of experience. It all started in 1996 when my first comic was published in Finnish F1 Maailma magazine.

I was Eisner Award nominated in 2015 for the To End All Wars anthology featuring my story Between the Darkness, illustrated by Neil McClements.

I have written several different comic series, includig Moomin series for Egmont, and I have written literature-, TV-, comics- and board game reviews for several medias since 1994.

I am currently working on Markosia Enterprises and David Lloyd's Aces Weekly onscreen magazine. In addition to comics, I have also written young adult novels, video games, short films, and TV-, literature- and comic reviews for Kulttuuritoimitus.fi and Kirjavinkit.fi.