Wonderful Old Age, art by Jussi Kaakinen

Between the Darkness, art by Neil McClements

The Death of a Family, art by Andrea Meneghin

Geysers of Titan, art by Russ Leach

When all started...


I have worked as a Senior Content Editor in Museum Centre Vapriikki, Dramaturg Assistant in YLE broadcasting company and Head Writer in Kyy Games, but also as Content Writer for several companies.

If you need a writer, don't hesitate to ask! You can contact me via Facebook or LinkedIn.

I am a creative writer from Finland with over 20 years of experience. It all started in 1996 when my first comic was published in Finnish F1 Maailma magazine.

I was Eisner Award nominated in 2015 for the To End All Wars anthology featuring my story Between the Darkness, illustrated by Neil McClements.

I have written several different comic series, includig Moomin series for Egmont, and Timo Kokkila's Peräsmiehen poika comic. I also have written literature-, TV-, comics- and board game reviews for several medias since 1994.

I am currently working on Markosia Enterprises and David Lloyd's Aces Weekly onscreen magazine. In addition to comics, I have also written young adult novels, video games, short films, and TV-, literature- and comic reviews for Kulttuuritoimitus.fi and Kirjavinkit.fi.

First Comics News (english) interviewed me so as Kulttuuritoimitus (finnish).