Meanwhile in Alternate History...

The Monsters of River Thames

The Monsters of River Thames is set to an alternate history, when viking leader Mycel Hæþen marched to London.

The story is published in FutureQuake Winter 2020, and it's written by Petri Hänninen, art Jaye Franklin and letters Bolt–01.

Special thanks to Jouko Ruokosenmäki!

Meanwhile in Wild Wild West...

The Hunter

The Hunter Western comic series starts on Aces Weekly in 2021.

The story follows the footsteps of Sergio Leone and Sam Peckinpach.

Meanwhile in the Mad King's Court...

Macbeth: The Graphic Novel

Macbeth: The Graphic Novel is an adaptation from Shakespeare's classic tragedy. It's written by Petri Hänninen and illustrated by Petri Hiltunen. And it looks fantastic!

Macbeth: The Graphic novel is originally published by Jalava Publishing in Finnish, but now it's also available in English published by Markosia.

The art is visually stunning in its portrayal of the time period and for setting the overall mood.

- Richard Vasseur, First Comics News

Meanwhile on the USA...

The Secret

The Secret is a short horror story published in Aphotic Realm #7: GRUESOME magazine.

It is also published in Caliber Presents – Volume 5: Tales from the Next Dimension comic anthology.

The story is written by Petri Hänninen and it bases an idea of Marcello Bondi. Art by Gabriele Schiavoni.

Meanwhile in Space...

The Death of a Family

The Death of a Family is a short sci-fi/horror story published in Future Sci-Fi Tales #2 magazine.

The magazine is runned by Snowyworks, USA. The story is written by Petri Hänninen, art by Andrea Meneghin and letters by Marko Latva-Nikkola.

Meanwhile in Alternate Reality...

Wonderful Old Age

Wonderful Old Age is a short sci-fi story written by Petri Hänninen and illustrated by Jussi Kaakinen. The story is published in Aces Weekly vol 21. You can read a short review from ComiConverse.

Jussi is one of the busiest illustrators in Finland at the time. He's currently working with the upcoming graphic novel written by me.

Wonderful Old Age is a good example of what Aces Weekly can do that's different from what the reader may have seen; a short story that includes everything you need within the nine simple pages. A social commentary and entertaining tale that fits snuggly into a handful of panels.

Darryll Robson, ComiConverse

Meanwhile, far away from Earth...

Geysers of Titan

Geysers of Titan sci-fi/action series is published in David Lloyd's Aces Weekly Vol 26-27.

Written by Petri Hänninen, art by Russ Leach, letters by Ben Dickson and Sam Roads.

Meanwhile Inside the Small Tank...

Between the Darkness

Between the Darkness is a WWI short story published in Eisner Award nominated To End All Wars anthology.

Anthology is published by Soaring Penguin Press. The story is written by Petri Hänninen and illustrated by Neil McClements.

Grim and brutal, this claustrophobic tale truly pulls no punches and is perhaps the best in the book.

- Jeremy Briggs, Downthetubes

Meanwhile in Moominvalley...


Moomin is famous book series written by Tove Jansson, and the TV-series is very popular especially in Japan.

Egmont is publishing Moomin magazine in Finland, and I was one of the writers in 2007-2010. I wrote short comics with a small tasks for 3-7 years old children. My old stories are still published from time to time in the magazine.

Artists were Jari Rasi and Kristian Huitula.

Meanwhile in Alternate History...

Stop Thief!

Stop Thief! is a short black humor story published in Ladies & Gentlemen presents The Irregulars anthology.

Art and text by Petri Hänninen, published by Water Closet Press.